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Past Exhibitions

Beards, Stamps and Books Clayton Tremlett

DUE TO THE INTERRUPTION OF COVID-19, THIS EXHIBITION WAS UNABLE TO PHYSICALLY TAKE PLACE.Please visit to explore this Artists work in more detail. BEARDS, STAMPS AND BOOKS CLAYTON TREMLETTTHURS 9 APRIL – SUN 3 MAY 2020Linocut, Etchings, Laser Resist Etching and Screen-Print To be opened by Naomi Cass – director CAM (Castlemaine Art Museum) […]

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Layerings – Paper, Process, Print – Studio Paradiso

Studio Paradiso Artists are doing some seriously heavy lifting when it comes to thinking and printmaking. Reflecting on the artworks and statements from seven talented Printmakers in the upcoming Layerings – Paper, Process, Print exhibition, we are beholden to look a little deeper at the artworks; not to just give a superficial once over glance but to actually interrogate what we

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Diversity in Print

New Work Goldfields Printmakers Exhibition – Download Artist Catalog Handmade printing techniques of Intaglio and Relief Printmaking including Etching, Linocut, Drypoint, Aquatint, Collograph, Photo Polymer, Engraving, Monoprint and Mezzotint artworks on exhibition. Artists: Barbara Semler, Marte Newcombe, Dianne Longley, Loris Button, Susan Clarke, Jackie Gorring, Jimmy Pasokos, Diana Orinda Burns, Jan Palethorpe, Steve Tester, Leonie

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Lady Bird Mountain – Dean Bowen

Paintings | Sculptures | Prints Gallery Director Kareen Anchen cordially invites you to join the Artist to celebrate the official opening of Ladybird Mountain. Ladybird Mountain is the inaugural Focus Exhibition at Cascade Art Gallery, Maldon. Officially opened by distinguished Artist, John Wolseley. Ladybird and Grasshopper Mountains will arrive in Maldon!Two significant Australian Artist will

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The Long Summer Salon

The Long Summer Salon, officially opened by Kim Bennett, Creative Arts Facilitator, Regional Arts Victoria. Artists: Roz Avent, Dean Bowen, Lyn Raymer, David Frazer, Anita Laurence, Robert Maclaurin, Liaadan Fahbien, John Howley, Judy Holding, Hilary Finch, Clayton Tremlett, Kyoko Imazu, Jeff Gardner, Rhyll Plant, David Moore, Anne Smith, KJ Bishop, Michael Leunig, Sam Varian, Kevin

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