Cascade Art

JEFF GARDNER – PRINTMAKER 20 years of printmaking

OFFICIAL OPENING : Sat 4 December, 5-7pm

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This exhibition includes the No. 1 print from each Limited Edition over the last 20 years. 170 prints and new Jeff Gardner etchings, inform the narrative of this exhibition.

“Lucy the Dragon” a book for the young at heart Illustrations and poetry by Jeff Gardner
We are delighted Dr. Juliet O’Conor, specialist in children’s book history, having curated a collection of five centuries of children’s books at the State Library of Victoria, will officially launch this exhibition.

Some Artists are doing some seriously heavy lifting when it comes to thinking. Reflecting on the artworks and the Artist statements from seven of the Studio Paradiso Artists, I am put in mind of the tip of the iceberg scenario. So much exists and perculates underneath, in the depths, in the dark, in the unconscious mind. We read these layered prints as beautiful, like the crystalline iceberg tip emerging into crisp, fresh landscape waters with only the suggestion that there might be something else going on….and there is. It’s called Art. In these places we find the Artists furiously beavering away and trying to unpack and make sense of the murky underworld with improbable dualities, scary monsters of the human kind and our old favourite, existential angst.

Lucy the Dragon by Jeff Gardner

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