Cascade Art


Kirsten Bishop - Lovers Lane Detail

KJ Bishop

KJ Bishop Gothic and romantic aesthetics and ideas have been a longstanding influence on how I think and work. I often think of my sculptures as giving form to spirits, whether ghosts from ‘the other side’ or denizens of a parallel world – or, less literally, from the world of the psychological unconscious that ‘haunts’ …

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Liz Sullivan

Liz Sullivan My occupation is an artist. My ‘job’ as an artist is to record, visualise, translate and transpire my surroundings, both internally and externally. It occupies my mind and gives me my “reason”. I waver and shake, question and become despondent, but my job is me. I will never claim consistency while writing about …

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Sharon West

Sharon West BIOGRAPHY Sharon West is a mixed media artist, arts educator and curator. Her art practice includes working in both 2 and 3D art forms. She has exhibited in various group and solo shows for the past 30 years in Australia and abroad. Work themes include humourous re-workings of Australian colonial and local histories., …

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Lydia Poljak

Lydia Poljak

Lydia Poljak Artist Statement Vanitas I have been interested in the idea of the vanity of our natures for some time and how this has contributed to the world’s current state of natural disasters.     Natural disasters, I find this term to be quite amusing in its safety of thinking for the chatter between the Id, superego and …

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Terry Taylor - Thou shalt not-covet thy neighbours wife

Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Oil on Linen, 2017, 175 x 115cm Exhibited 2018 at Suzanne Tarasieve Galerie Paris A tribute to my former husband, Philip Hunter, father of my son, Samuel Alexander Taylor Hunter, who suddenly died 04/04/2017. We made a pledge as artists, friends, lovers who shared a passionate and kindred spirit, to …

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hilary finch_Cert 2. Untitled, 2021-2022. Archival Pigment Print. 100x108cm. Ed of 7 + 3AP

Hilary Finch

Hilary Finch When looking at Hilary Finch’s artworks, the German word Ruinenlust springs to mind. Literally translated as ruin-pleasure, this word succinctly conveys the delight we feel at encountering ruins – these collapsed palaces and temples of great civilizations reduced to rubble, put our anxieties about our present time into perspective, and remind us of the inevitable passage …

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Stephen Tester

Stephen Tester

Stephen Tester Known as Manier Noir, or The Black Way, Stephens monochrome Mezzotint images distil the subjects presence down to their bare essentials, producing striking imagery, but also presenting the observer with an opportunity to expand the narrative in their personal way.