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Liz Sullivan

Liz Sullivan

My occupation is an artist.

My ‘job’ as an artist is to record, visualise, translate and transpire my surroundings, both internally and externally. It occupies my mind and gives me my “reason”. I waver and shake, question and become despondent, but my job is me.

I will never claim consistency while writing about my work, yet I am one of those artists who “paint the same picture their whole lives” my influences changing, evolving and circling back to great loves of the Classical, the Romantic and the expressive. The Gothic is entwined in and around.

Often commissioned by religious leaders, religion and Humanism of the Renaissance question art and man’s role, man’s duties, and custodianship of nature. My sculptures using drapery and appropriated from Raphael’s School of Athens are also informed by the gothic figures worked onto the outside of cathedrals. There is a presence in the absence of figures with varying communication between the combination and gestures of the sculptures. They are a continuation of the drawing line.

My artworks don’t provide answers but communicate nature’s wonder and impermanence from one person’s vacillating perspective.

Liz Sullivan - Ubir, Northern Territory 3#

Liz Sullivan - Ubir, Northern Territory 2#

Liz Sullivan - Ubir, Northern Territory 1#

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