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Kirsten Bishop - Lovers Lane Detail

KJ Bishop

KJ Bishop

Gothic and romantic aesthetics and ideas have been a longstanding influence on how I think and work. I often think of my sculptures as giving form to spirits, whether ghosts from ‘the other side’ or denizens of a parallel world – or, less literally, from the world of the psychological unconscious that ‘haunts’ reality. These supernatural characters often take masked or hybrid, anthropomorphic form: pagan gods, folk customs and masquerades provide inspiration both for playful creation and for exploring more serious thoughts and fears.

Well, the night is dark
And the night is deep
And its jaws are open wide

– Nick Cave


Born in Melbourne and now living in Castlemaine, K.J. Bishop began her creative career as a writer before starting another artistic journey in the medium of sculpture. Her work is figurative, focusing on character and the suggestion of story. The animal-human hybrids to which she frequently returns communicate a non-anthropocentric worldview as well as imaginative and metaphysical possibilities. At present she works in bronze, using a range of stylistic approaches to serve the needs of each piece.

Kirsten Bishop - Lovers Lane

Kirsten Bishop - It was rabbit

Kirsten Bishop - Jack

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