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John O’Loughlin

John O’Loughlin

O’LOUGHLIN’S work arises from reflection on his faltering belief in the fundamental Catholic theology learned in his youth.

The churches, museums and treasuries of Italy and Istanbul provided the vessels that hold the relics of the saints and martyrs of history that inspire my work. These vessels ask the viewer to question the truth of miracles, life after death, divine intervention into daily life. These sometimes rich, elaborate, bizarre containers are encased in rugged crusty surface decorations evoking history and the passing of time, reminding the viewer of the fragility of life.

Other vessels are inspired by Roman food vessels rescued from sunken galleys in the Dalmatian seas and seen displayed in the surrounding islands, inspiring experimentation with surface textures.

I hope that these vessels inspire the viewer to delve deep into their history and destiny and to rise back through the layers to a clearer present.

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John O’Loughlin- House Reliquary

John O'Loughlin - Shrine to an unnamed saint

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