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Zoe Amor, The Visitor, bronze maquette against AOD-Mothership on a moonless night, oil on board

Zoe Amor

Zoe Amor

Amor & Sorensen – Artist Biography

Art is an instinctual, sometimes radical act that is part of the expression of being human. It can transform our lives – our relationships, environments, psyche – and is an essential part of the cultural experience of being in the world. Meeting in 2015, Zoe Amor and Joel Sorensen found inspiration in each other’s artistic language, deciding to collaborate on a vision for studios, permaculture gardens, a research library, art collection and shared ethos to make their Art lives and love part of the transition towards a more life affirming way of being in the world. 

Zoe’s work is created with an aesthetic that is iconic and visionary, drawing on a deep appreciation for the natural world, cultural diversity – ancient and modern – and what she calls the architecture of dreams. This project embraces the potential of dramatic compositions and narratives to become the catalyst for meditations on and responses to culturally and ecologically significant microcosms and transitions. Her work – predominantly sculptural and graphic  – combined with research in aesthetics, sociology, archaeology, design and ecology has culminated in the creation of allegorical works drawn from the deep reservoir of the conscious and unconscious mind. The drawings such as Inside Yggrdrasil (the Axis Mundi or the Mother Library), Lake of Memory (Mnemosyne) and sculptures from the Cross Pollination series are imbued with mythic qualities, generating narratives about the realms of life and death and the interplay between humanity and the natural world.

For Joel making art is a primal impulse evolving an intuitive relationship to materials and forms. After completing a Bachelor of Ancient Music at Melbourne University playing Viola de Gamba, Joel turned to the language of sculpture and design. Carving directly in stone or wood and modeling in clay, Joel creates metamorphic and figurative, animal or abstract forms, which are then cast into cement, plaster and bronze with unique painterly patinas. The genesis of the sculptures Valhalla and Saga is as dramatic as their mythic Scandinavian roots. One night in the Botanical gardens an enormous Cypress limb succumbed to the elements and crashed to the ground, a crack running the length of its body evidence of stress from drought, flood and wind. On another night, Joel collected the huge remnant logs and worked the surface like a calligrapher, scribbling and carving with the chain saw until the forms emerged. Though made of different materials, Horse Head speaks to these graphic, dramatic methods also, with qualities reminiscent of sculptural works from ancient times.

Amor & Sorensen’s compositions are commissioned and exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions and held in public and private collections in Australia and overseas.

(With gratitude to Dr Stephanie Miller for her words)

Zoe Amor, The Visitor, bronze maquette against AOD-Mothership on a moonless night, oil on board

Zoe_Amor_Architecture of a dream-Mothership on a moonless night_Oil on board_h640x930mm

Zoe Amor, The Trees, Bronze AP, Ed. of 3,h480 x 560x 100mm (on reclaimed wooden base)

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