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Julie Andrews - Deeply Unconscious Space

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews

Hidden within the shadows of our landscape, the melancholic and mournful dark recesses, resides the sublime light of transcendence.  The Gothic and the Sublime share a common space with a tension of opposite they swing as a pendulum between dichotomies; terror and awe, sorrow and joy, dark and light, in a constant struggle that pushes romanticism to its limits. In this way, our awe is a poetic response as a fragile attempt to glimpse what hides in the gaps, somewhere in-between the conscious and the unconscious: the beautiful, uncanny and unknowable.

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Julie Andrews Deeply Unconscious Space 80x80cm 2021

Julie Andrews Inevitable 150x150cm 2021

Julie Andrews Silence Drops 2022 123x123cm Oil on Canvas

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