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Jill Kempson - Flower

Jill Kempson

Jill Kempson

Artists Statement

Since childhood I have sensed the ever-present power and beauty of nature in our world. It is and has always been my intention that my art practice is concerned with the transmission of this power and beauty.

During the quiet of the long lockdown period in Melbourne I started painting  floral works. These paintings became a way of expressing a more intimate inner world of forms. Which have enabled me to relate on more of a soulful and emotional level to express what can only (for me) be conveyed in a visual form.

In ‘Essays on Painting’ Siri Hustvedt says, “hours may pass but a painting will not gain or lose any part of itself. It has no beginning, no middle, no end. I love painting because in its immutable stillness it seems to exist outside of time in a way no other art can. A painting can create an illusion of an eternal present, a place where my eyes can rest as if the clock has magically stopped ticking.”

The theme of the eternal present is a reoccurring concept in my art practice.

I believe we are moving into a different paradigm where time and perceptions of what is important are shifting. A slowing down, which will hopefully allow a re-evaluation, resulting in a renewed reverence for the natural world and in turn an overpowering need to preserve/reset our planet.

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Jill Kempson - Bloom in white mauve and yellow

Jill Kempson - The yellow rose

Jill Kempson Seascape

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