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ARTS OPEN meet the makers 2020 is about to be unleashed across Central Victoria. We open our ARTS OPEN exhibition programme with Layerings – Paper, Process, PrintArtist made prints and Artist-made-Books courtesy of Sandon’s Studio Paradiso. You are invited to join the Artists to celebrate the Official Opening at 2pm Saturday 7 March, 2020. All welcome. Contributing Artists are Diana Orinda Burns, Anna Havir, Robyn Gibson, Annette Ward, Richard Sullivan, Anne-Marie Taylor, Erika Beilharz.

For more information about the biennial Arts Open go to

During Arts Open long weekend, there is oodles to do and see with over 70 Artists participating. If you are planning to make a weekend of it, base yourself in the heartland of Central Victoria, Maldon. Maldon has a lot of add-ons to enjoy; fun children’s playground, Mount Tarrangower Hill walks, free bbqs in the Maldon Gardens and Australia’s first notable intact street scape to perambulate purely for leisure and pleasure!

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Robyn Gibson and Richard Sullivan preparing printing plates.
Diana Orinda Burns Director of Studio Paradiso.
Erika Beilharz in the studio.
Anne-Maree Taylor hard at work on a printing plate.

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