Cascade Art

Diversity in Print

New Work Goldfields Printmakers Exhibition

Handmade printing techniques of Intaglio and Relief Printmaking including Etching, Linocut, Drypoint, Aquatint, Collograph, Photo Polymer, Engraving, Monoprint and Mezzotint artworks on exhibition.


Barbara Semler, Marte Newcombe, Dianne Longley, Loris Button, Susan Clarke, Jackie Gorring, Jimmy Pasokos, Diana Orinda Burns, Jan Palethorpe, Steve Tester, Leonie Auhl, Melissa Proposch, Kir Larwill, Anne Langdon, Robyn Gibson, Penny Peckham

Anne Langdon – Beating Hearts Final – Dry Point (Detail)
Dianne Longley – Sweet Narrative (Detail)
Marte Newcombe – Walking to the Moon – Serigraph Print (Detail)

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